2014 Norwegian Tour

2014 will have the NYCity Slickers on the move from one continent to another as they travel from their New York City home base to Norway. In September, they will embark on a 2 week tour sponsored in part by the US Embassy in Oslo, the Nordkapp Film Festival, and the Finnmark Fylkeskommune. The tour will kick-off the North Cape Film Festival on September 10 at the opening ceremony in Honningsvåg. While at the Film Festival they will perform at Perleporten and offer workshops on bluegrass and Americana roots music for local talent and festival attendees. The workshops will culminate in a joint concert with local musicians, singers and choir, performing the debut NYCity Slickers' arrangement of "Honningsvagsongen". Concluding their stay in Honningsvag, the NYCity Slickers will perform a gospel service at the "Little White Church on the Hill" on Sunday . They will leave the Finnmark area on September 15 and journey south to Oslo where they will play concerts in Oslo at Kampen Bistro, Halden and Klimpt Live in Lillestrom.

"There's no way to stay stuck in a bad mood when you come and hear the NYCity Slickers."
— Morten Wetland, Former UN Ambassador

See below for dates and check back as more dates are added, for news from the road, photos and more!

September 10 20:00 - Nordkapp Filmfestival Opening Ceremony & Reception
Honningsvag, Norway
September 11 15:00 - Americana & Bluegrass Workshop
w/ The Honningsvag Choir

19:30 - Reception for the Nordkapp Filmfestival
Honningsvag, Norway
September 12 15:00 - Americana & Bluegrass Workshop
w/ local talent
Honningsvag, Norway

19:30 - Concert w/Workshop Participants
Filmfestival tent
September 13 22:00 - Full Concert @ PERLEPORTEN
Honningsvag, Norway
September 14 13:00 - Gospel Service at the Church
Honningsvag, Norway
September 17 22:00 - KAMPEN BISTRO
Bøgata 21, 0655 Oslo
Tlf: +47 22 19 77 08
Billetter kr 200,-
September 19 22:00 - BRYGGERHUSET SYD (Halden Centrum South)
Storgata 2a, Halden
Tlf: +47 69 19 56 44
Billetter kr 200,-
September 20 20:00 - KLIMT LIVE
Storgata 23
Lillestrøm, Norway
Tlf: +47 982 37 507424
Billetter kr 495,- dette inkluderer, i tillegg til konserten, en Southerne Buffet.

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