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"The singing is fabulous and impassioned, which is what modern day bluegrass could use more of. The arrangements are stellar and the material is strong."

— Tony Trischka, Grammy-Nominated Banjo Legend

Riverside Park Summer Concert Series

"Let me tell ya'll about the wonderful show I went to on Saturday night. Thanks to the NYCity Slickers, I experienced a heaping helping of true down home, southern fun. Being from Texas, I often long for some of the "southern comforts" that the city doesn't offer. The Gals and Guys of the NYCity Slickers really give me a fresh remindin' of what it's like to be home, surrounded by family, friends and good ol' bluegrass. The concert at Riverside Park was absolutely amazing. The view overlooking the Hudson and New Jersey was breathtaking. The atmosphere of people dancing and enjoying themselves was astonishing. But the band was what really brought everything together. I can't remember the last time I saw so many people having so much fun. To tell you the truth, I can't really describe the joy I felt on Saturday. You had to be there. So, don't you miss a single one of their upcoming performances. Until next time"

— Marcus Jones, actor

Bluegrass Mass w/the Millsaps Singers

April 2015

"I want to take a moment and offer my thanks for a splendid evening of music at the Millsaps Arts & Lecture Series Schubert & Bluegrass Concert. This was the first time I was able to experience the NY City Slickers. You can now count me in your enthusiastic fan base. The three different parts of the concert were all just splendid, and so very different. The Singers, of course, did a remarkable job with a very demanding and diverse set of challenges, and the Slickers really wowed the audience in the final sections. I’m glad I got to experience this phenomenon first hand."

— Keith Dunn, Senior Vice President and Dean of the College, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS

Fireboat John Harvey Benefit

March 2015

"Thank you again for the wonderful performance last night at our Fireboat John Harvey Benefit at Tribecca 360 NYC! You truly have become the premier bluegrass band in New York, and the fact that Slickers is made up of such exceptional people makes it even more of a joy to listen to you! Please pass on my greatest thanks and admiration to the rest of the band; what a fabulous sound you have!"

—Renee Lutz, Event Organizer

Baker & Mackenzie Diversity Cocktail Party

March 2015

"The NYCity Slickers performed at a reception for the partners meeting at our law firm. We hired them to provide background music during the event and they were a hit. As the evening progressed, more and more people took note of the band and by the end of their set, the crowd roared with applause! The band did a great job. They were easy to work with and professional from start to finish. I look forward to having them play again at a future event."

—Floyd Mills, Event Chairperson

Reviews from 2014 Norwegian Tour

October 2014

Click to view what people had to say about our 2014 tour of Norway!

Norwegian Feature from Nordkapp Filmfestival

August 2014

De har levd livene sine på berømte scener og i orkestergraver på Broadway i New York. Nå kommer de til Finnmark for å spille sin høyenergiske bluegrassmusikk. Gjør dere klar for bandet NYCity Slickers!

-Vi er begeistret over å bevege oss fra ett kontinent til et annet for å delta i denne norsk-amerikansk kulturutvekslingen! sier bandlederen i NYCity Slickers, Faser Hardin, med en entusiasme så sterk som bare en amerikaner, eller en finnmarking, kan ha. Da Faser Hardin møtte filmreggisør Knut Erik Jensen i bydelen Hell`s Kitchen på Manhattan for snart to år siden, fant de raskt tonen, og senere har det utviklet seg en uvanlig sterk forbindelse mellom Nordkapp og New York.

Go Folk Yourself Review

February 15, 2013
by Laura Kazdan

The NYCity Slickers have been gathering buzz for their live cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” as a bluegrass ballad, and they are finally releasing it just in time for Valentine’s Day. The song will come as a free download when you pre-order their Songs From Home EP due out in late April. The cover features lady gang vocals, fiddle picking, and dueling string solos. Abigail Hardin sings with Katy meets Loretta, full-throttle intensity, and she is backed by both her mother and father. What could have easily seemed gimmicky or cloying actually ends up highlighting the sincerity within Perry’s lyrics, and it ends up sounding like the song you hope your crush asks you to dance to at the barn raising.

Valentines' Day Review from Viva Lifestyles!

February 14, 2013
by Stuart R. Brynien

Looking for some cool new music to listen to while you’re sharing truffles and bon-bons with your Valentine? The NY City Slickers — a local band with a Southern-fried sound that specializes in the blues, traditional bluegrass, and bluegrass pop — has just released a bouncy new version of the Katy Perry hit, “Teenage Dream” … and best of all, if you pre-order the EP that the single appears on — a six-track called “Songs From Home” (officially due out in April) — you can even download ”Teenage Dream” for free!

The City Slickers’ debut CD in 2011, “Layin’ It Down”, won praise from critics and fans alike, and “Songs From Home” includes numbers they performed to sold-out houses when they toured Mississippi last summer.

The NYCity Slickers: an inspired blend of passionate vocals, fancy banjo-pickin’, and some good old-fashioned fiddlin’. Check them out!

Originally published on

Mississippi Magazine - Jackson, MS

November/December, 2012

Daily Journal - Tupelo, MS

October 5, 2012

Northside Sun Magazine - Jackson, MS

October, 2012

Delta Magazine - Cleveland, MS

July/August, 2012

Rave Review from!

July 19, 2012
NYCity Slickers at the Rodeo Bar Review
by Ken Fitch

Read the review below or see

NYCITY SLICKERS, one of New York’s most beloved Bluegrass Bands, returned to one its favorite haunts, The Rodeo Bar, for its monthly gig on a hot July evening, and once again claimed and transported its audience for 2 striking Sets.

Dressed with a touch of elegance in black, the celebrated country gal trio would be anything but subdued as they broke out into their repertoire of powerful vocal solos and trios with the stories from the world of Jailhouses, Sugar Daddies, Mama’s Wisdom, the Greyhound Bus, and Jesus always showing up when needed. Early on, in one of their signature tunes, they bring us to their “Mississippi Home” where “Crystal Springs will wash our sins away,” and for the rest of the evening we will be at home with them wherever their journey takes us, and indeed by the end of the evening, some of us will be dancing in the aisles. There was some concern not long ago when this NYC-based ensemble lost one of its lustrous trio singers who was relocating several time zones away, creating gaps in the exuberant harmonies that the group has always delivered in song after song.

Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS

June 29, 2012

Fabulous Review from Brooklyn Country!

June 1, 2012
NYCity Slickers Layin' It Down
by JD Duarte

While on a road trip from their current New York home to the family's birthplace in Mississippi, Faser Hardin and his wife Annie Chadwick, along with their daughter Abi heard the sounds of the old traditional bluegrass playing on the radio. They were so inspired by this authentic American roots music that upon returning to NYC they decided to explore this style and formed a bluegrass band.

NYCity Slickers are an eight-piece band currently making waves in the New York country scene. While their style is rooted in traditional bluegrass, the brand this "family" band presents on their first album Layin' It Down shows off the unique background reflecting the range of its individual members. Having incorporated blues, rock, and various generations of country & western into their bluegrass-based songwriting, The Slickers offer a unique perspective and much-appreciated update on what is often labeled "traditional".

The Beacon - Macon, MS

May 24, 2012

Governor of Mississippi Gives the Thumbs Up!

"I simply want to thank you for affording me one of the most delightful and enjoyable evenings that I have spent in a long time. Your incredible musical talent is matched only by your cordiality and kindness. As a long-time fan of bluegrass music, I found yours to be absolutely enchanting. I could have listened to you all night. You all made me so proud to be from Mississippi."

— William Winter, Former Governor of Mississippi

Bluegrass Unlimited

"This is a New York based, eight-piece group fronted by three ladies whose combined deliveries make for an enjoyable project."

— Bill Foster, "Bluegrass Unlimited," April 2012

NYCity Slickers in Norway? Yes Sir!

The Slickers were just featured in Norway's leading newspaper, VG. Here's a PDF of the double page spread. We're still working on a translation. Anyone speak Norwegian?

Interview with "Honky Tonk Angels"

December 8, 2010
NYCity Slickers Answer Seven Questions Three Times, or to the Third Power of Annie, Linda & Abigail
by Honky Tonk Angels

Annie Chadwick NYCity Slicker Singer/Songwriter
  1. What motivates you to write?
  2. As a singer/songwriter, there's nothing better than writing a song that fits my voice, that is a true expression of the musical style that speaks to me and that reflects in the lyrics my take on life! Plus, to hear it realized by the awesome City Slicker guys is magical!

  3. Who is the greatest unknown influence on your music?